My name is Noah Taylor. I am a theatre artist, photographer, and graphic designer working in Anderson, SC. A 2012 graduate of Anderson University, I currently work as a photo retoucher at Torque Creative, while directing for the stage, freelancing as a designer and photographer, and finding as many opportunities as possible bring the arts to life in our community. I am a firm believer in the power of art to change lives, communities, and the world for the better. I am the co-founder and artistic director of both 24 Hour Musical and The Market Theatre Company, and owner of Taylored Imaging.

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Original music from our production of Almost, Maine at ECP last fall is now on Soundcloud. I absolutely loved collaborating with AJ Weaver to give this story a completely original soundtrack. The music took on a life of its own, never upstaging the story, but setting a perfect tone, drawing the audience in, and propelling the story forward. It was so much fun to discover the unique sound of this show. AJ has spent the better part of this year working on our next project together, Sweeney Todd, and I'm already loving our conversations and discoveries. Be sure to check out this soundtrack and the rest of his work! (Interlude might be my favorite, but ask me again tomorrow and I'll tell you something different.)

Before & After: STOK Grills Family


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This was a fun one! This family shot for STOK Grills took a good deal of time and creative thinking to piece together. The photo was designed to be used as a banner on www.stokgrills.com, and required an extra-wide crop that could not be achieved in a single shot. Other lenses were considered, but would have caused extra distortion on the product, which is of course the star of this show. Our solution: The photographer captured multiple background shots to either side of the original frame. I then dropped these files into the photo and began warping, masking, and airbrushing. Perspective and lens distortion were a challenge, especially with the busy grid-like pattern on the patio. What seemed like a next-to-impossible task at the start was a welcome challenge that I enjoyed navigating. I'm really pleased with how this project came together, and can't wait to see this shot online!

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9 to 5

Looking forward to getting started on my next stage project tonight! I'll be directing 9 TO 5 at The Market Theatre Company. This is our biggest undertaking yet at the new theatre, and I'm looking forward to the creative challenge of adapting this upbeat, large-scale musical to our unique venue. I love the casting process: getting to see the material that people bring to auditions, how they choose to present themselves, seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones as well, and finally putting faces with the characters that I've been studying and getting to know for so long. I can't wait to get started! For audition details, and to see the cast list when it's posted, click here.

Review: The Fantasticks

Thank you to Sandy Staggs for his kind words about The Market Theatre Company's inaugural production, The Fantasticks! Read the review here.

“…as he demonstrated in Almost, Maine, his method is graceful and highly-stylized with a firm command of this material, which, on its face, gives the appearance of facetious simplicity. The deception [of The Fantasticks] lies in the commedia dell’arte characters, the non-traditional narrative and the ominous tone in the second act. All of these challenges are met with enterprising confidence and showmanship by Mr. Taylor, particularly in the 'Round and Round' sequence.”

– Sandy Staggs, Carolina Curtain Call »

24 Hour Musical: Spelling Bee

I am once again blown away by the explosive success of the 24 Hour Musical. This little idea that was born in our living room has found so much support, energy, and momentum in just one year!

The second annual 24 Hour Musical took place on July 11, 2015 at Anderson University's Belk Theatre. I was thrilled to take on the role of director this year; it was a challenging and unforgettable experience. The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee played to two sold out audiences. The energy and laughter were unbelievable! Best of all, the second 24 Hour Musical raised a total of $2,346.65 for the Cancer Association of Anderson.

Photo Credit: Casey Bates

Exciting News: Accelerate Anderson

Building a theatre company from the ground up has been a dream of mine since I first fell in love with theatre as a high school student. While I always imagined pursuing this dream later in my career, earlier this year, I found myself surrounded by friends who shared this dream and faced with an opportunity to make it a reality. The Accelerate Anderson Downtown Challenge sought entrepreneurs to bring new businesses to downtown Anderson, offering training, resources, and a grant to three winners. After weeks of workshops, presentations, financial projections, and business plan writing, our Untitled Theatre Company was announced as one of the winners. I am still amazed that we will be pursuing this dream so soon! I will be sharing more information over the next few months as we work to launch our new organization in early 2016.

Photo Credit: Anderson Independent Mail